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sábado, 22 de outubro de 2011

620 Jones Bar & Restaurant belive in Eduardo Maiorino.

Eduardo Maiorino, completes their training for the big event held by the company (Lion Fight Promotions) at the Hard Rock Casino-Las Vegas.
The fighter has all the support and sponsorship of Bar & Restaurant 620 Jones (San Francisco - California).
Thanks to the support of the company, Maiorino exelentes has achieved results and promises another victory!

Eduardo Maiorino will fight in Hard Rock Casino - Las Vegas for WBC Muay Thai championship.

Muay Thai fight fans, we are now 1 month away from Battle in the Desert 4. If you live in Las Vegas, come and support your local fighters! If not, start planning your trip to Vegas and buy your tickets today! 11.19.11 you don't want to miss it!

quarta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2011

Eduardo Maiorino

World Muay Thai Champion Super Heavy Weight WKBC

World Muay Thai Champion Super Heavy Weight WKL

WBC Muay Thai 9nd Place in world ranking Super Cruzer Weight

IMC Muay Thai  5nd place in world ranking.

terça-feira, 26 de julho de 2011

Eduardo Maiorino is the new representative WMF (World MuayThai Federation) throughout the U.S. and bring titles WMF PRO.

Eduardo Maiorino is the new representative WMF (World MuayThai Federation) throughout the U.S. and bring titles WMF PRO.
Eduardo Maiorino in conversation with the Grand Master Chinawut Sirisopan, was invited to compete for the world title in December WMF Professional in the city of Bangkok, thus receiving the mission of organizing the U.S. national titles and thus representative of the new WMF United States of America.

quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011

Muay Thai personal training !


Muay Thai can be for anyone, from people who want to compete in the ring one day, to people who are just wanting to get moving and are tired of the same old treadmil & exercise bike routines.
Muay Thai, with me, can:
  • Build Confidence. Help you Focus & Lose weight
  • Improve Concentration. Get you fit Make you Stronger.
  • Thaiboxers are some of the fittest athletes in the world. It is also an art. You will be learning a skill at the same time which will keep you interested and motivated.
Sessions with me will involve;
  • Thai-pad drills. Sparring Grappling. Bag work. Shadow Boxing
  • Focus pad drills. Lightly weighted drills. Skipping.
  • Reaction Speed drills. Kicking. Punching. Kneeing. Elbowing.

terça-feira, 5 de julho de 2011

Arjarn Raul Soria is new Shock Combat represent in Argentina.

The Shock Combat family is honored to receive as representande across Argentine territory, the Arjarn Raul Soria, who is a warrior who has always sought and always give their best in MuayThai!
Welcome Arjarn Raul

quinta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2010

Eduardo Maiorino will fight for WBC Muay Thai Title in China december 19th.2010.

Eduardo Maiorino, after fight in Sydney, with Steve Mckinnon, for World Title WBC Muay Thai (Super Cruzer Weight -95,545 kg), receive a invitate to fight in China december 19th, for WBC Title again (Super Heavy Weight +104 kg). Eduardo's prepair for fight with Steve Banks (USA) in Thailand with your friend Ramazan Ramazanov (4 times world champion in muay thai).
Highlight of a two-day standup martial arts event (18-19 December) to be held on China's showcase tourist destination island, Hainan Island, known as the new Hawaii of Asia.

quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010

Ramazan Ramazanov train Eduardo Maiorino in Bangkok-Thailand .

The super-star of MuayThai Ramazan Ramazanov, is training his friend Eduardo Maiorino, to fight for the WBC title heavy weight muay Thai in China on December 18.The fight will be against the North American Steve Banks, weighing 130kg!
Eduardo Maiorino is on the pace of his performance with the help of his friend Ramazan!

sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

Eduardo Maiorino lutara na China dia 17-12-2010 pela WBC.

Apos luta em Sydney - Australia, Eduardo Maiorino recebeu o convite para lutar pelo titulo internacional WBC, que sera realizado na cidade de Zangzuw - China dia 17 de dezembro de 2010.

domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

New sponsor of Eduardo Maiorino

Eduardo Maiorino abre negociações com a maior empresa de importação de materiais mara Muay Thai e Fight Gear. A Muay Thai Stuff tomara conta da estadia de Eduardo Maiorino na Thailandia com treinamento de primeira, equipamentos e todo suporte necessário!

quarta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2010

Eduardo Maiorino comemora seu ranking nas entidades internacionais.

Eduardo Maiorino comemora sua posição em uma das maiores entidades que regem o esporte no mundo a WBC Muay Thai. Onde hoje Eduardo é o 2º Brasileiro a compor o ranking mundial, o 1º Brasileiro é ho em dia considerado uma lenda para o esporte Cosmo Alexandre que tem como bagagem Campeão mundial da WPMF, Bi-Campeão do maior evento no esporte O aniversário do rei da Thailandia (05/12/2009), campeão mundial WMC e campeão do grandiozo It's Show Time ( evento realizado pela organização do K-1). Devido á tal curriculo Eduardo Maiorino comemora de estarentre os Top 10 na WBC.

WKL (World Kickboxing League) - Super Heavy Weight - Campeão Mundial
WMA (World Muay Thai Association) - Super Heavy Weigh - 2º Lugar
IMC (International Muay Thai Concil) - Super Heavy Weight - 5º lugar
WBC (World Boxing Concil) - Super Cruze Weight - 10º lugar

sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

In di November 12 fighter will fight Eduardo Maiorino great MMA event FC Australian (Australian Fight Championship) in the weight category up to 93 kg (light heavyweight).

City: Melbourne
Event: AFC Australian Fighting Championship
Promotion Company: Underdog Promotions Pty Ltd
Rules: Universal MMA (same as UFC) in an Olympic sized boxing ring

terça-feira, 3 de agosto de 2010

McKinnon to defend WBC Super

Cruiser title in Sydney16 October

30 Jul 2010

WBC MUAYTHAI Super Cruiserweight Champion Steve McKinnon (Australia) will defend his world title in front of his fan base in Sydney on 16 October when he takes on Brazilian challenger Eduardo Mairino.

Invincible Promotions booked the venue at the famous Luna Park landmark alongside the Harbour Bridge with a view of the Opera House.
A packed crowd will be assembling to witness Sydney's favourite Muaythai hero who will take on Brazil's top contender - the master fighter Mairino, who has a record of 37 wins from 51 fights.
McKinnon won the WBC World Super Cruiser title in Jamaica. Before he claimed the famous WBC green and gold belt McKinnon trained in Thailand at the two Fairtex Muaythai training camps alongside former WBC Super Welterweight Champion Yodsaenklai.
A crowd favorite on the Muaythai circuit in Las Vegas, McKinnon has also fought in Bangkok's Lumpinee stadium where he earned a reputation for his fierce courage and eight weapons mastery. His trademark technique is a flying knee attack.

terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

Eduardo Maiorino disputa título mundial WBC Muay Thai contra o campeão Steve Mckinnon


O lutador Eduardo Maiorino de Morais recebeu o convite para a disputa do título mundial da WBC Muay Thai na cidade de Sydney-Australia no dia 16 de outubro de 2010 no evento IMORTALYT III.

segunda-feira, 21 de junho de 2010

Maiorino da entrevista ao site gringo SPORTS Universal

MMA & K-1 Eduardo Maiorino

Published on June 21, 2010 by Administrator · No Comments

We caught up with Brazillian K-1 Champion and Superstars Eduardo Morpheus Maiorino , The friendly heavyweight giant looks calm and happy as the Fifa World Cup progress . He chanted Brazil Brazil all the way hoping Brazil winning the world cup again. Here are the interview conducted

Greetings Eduardo hope you are well ?

Hello Yes I am well thank you for this opportunity i give my honor for you .

How long have you been fighting ?

I start martial arths training in 1985 in Judo, i make 2 years, take the yellow belt and stop to start Karate Shotokan, i love Karate. I train Karate at take my black belt in 2000, after in 1992 i start my train in Muay Thai and train Muay Thai all my live…. my trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, i start in 2001 and today im brown belt.

Do you prefer MMA or KickBoxing ?

I love Muay Thai Kick boxing and MMA but MMA pay my more

MMA is future of sports!

What is your favorite food ?

oh my god… i love Brazilian food, Thai food, chinese food…

But the best food is Brazilian barbecue !

What is your Dream ?

My dream is make many world titles in Muay Thai and fight in UFC !

Where do you train now ?

I train in Brazil now with my fighters (students) me and family currently thinking of moving to USA soon

Do you think you will fight in UFC or K-1 anytime Soon ?

Before i fight in K-1 Brazil 2003, i am champion in K-1 Brazil GP 2004 and fight in K-1 USA in 2003 Mirage Casino Las Vegas. In 2006 at Sao Paolo i fought with CIGANO Junior Dos Santos (UFC Superstar & next heavy weight champion in UFC) , and i’m prepair to fight today in UFC ! its my dream today!

Who is your favorite hollywood actor and why ?

i like of Jackie Chan, he make a real combat in many movies…just like real!! He’s the best!

Who do you think will win the World Cup 2010 ?

Of course. Brazil 6 time world Champion!!! (kkkkkk).

When is your next dream ?

When i enter and win my first fight in UFC !

Do you have any advice for young kids ?

Boys must Never Run behind the dream and your dreams. Never Say I Do not Even you or deiche anyone can, can not … With God and His Struggle everything YOU can!

Thank you again to Eduardo for this exclusive interview and we all at wish him all the best throutout his career and hope that he will gain entre to the UFC sooner or later .

domingo, 20 de junho de 2010

Seminário com a turma do mestre Sandro Luiz

Eduardo Maiorino no dia 19/06/2010 teve a honra de conhecer e ministrar um seminário técnico de Muay Thai para a brilhante turma do Distrito Federal (mestre Sandro Luiz). O seminário foi ótimo e serviu como uma grande peneira para serem escolhidos novos talentos para diaputar 1 lutador na categoria 71 kg um GP de 8 lutadores que será realizado na China nos próximos meses, 1 para disputar o Título Internacional chancelado pela WMA e mais 1 lutador para disputar o título brasileiro profissional, ambos serão realizados no 1º Campeonato Brasileiro De Muay Thai da (Liga Brasileira de Muay Thai Tradicional) que teve na data do seminário sua primeira reunião oficial da diretoria da Liga.
A Liga Brasileira de Muay Thai Tradicional tem a Honra de ser presidida pelo Mestre Sandro Luiz do Distrito Federal.

Seminério em Brasília com a turma do Mestre Sandro Luiz

Mestre Leandro, Eduardo Maiorino e Mestre Sandro Luis (pres. LBMTT)

terça-feira, 15 de junho de 2010

Eduardo Maiorino coonfirma com arjarn Nopporn (presidente da WMA - World Muay tailandês Association), com o Apoio da senção Uma Entidade e filiação da Liga Brasileira de Muay tailandês Tradicional,
Sendo assim o BrasilO Primeiro campeonato hum Paiz Uma sediar da Entidade Nacional Amador.
Também confirmou Arjarn Nopporn uma Disputa de cinturão UM:
TituloInternacional Profissional de Muay tailandês WMA á Eduardo Maiorino,
Sendo disputado no 1 º Campeonato Brasileiro de Muay tailandês da LBMTT.

O presidente da WKL (Wundo Kickboxing League) Rafael Lopes,
convidou Nesta Segunda Feira (14/06/2010) Eduardo Maiorino
n presidir Uma Representação Brasileira da Entidade.
Lisongeado, Eduardo Maiorino Convite o agradeceu e promete
Grandes Mudanças esporte nacional.
Confira a noticia em www.wklkickboxing .com

segunda-feira, 14 de junho de 2010