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segunda-feira, 21 de junho de 2010

Maiorino da entrevista ao site gringo SPORTS Universal

MMA & K-1 Eduardo Maiorino

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We caught up with Brazillian K-1 Champion and Superstars Eduardo Morpheus Maiorino , The friendly heavyweight giant looks calm and happy as the Fifa World Cup progress . He chanted Brazil Brazil all the way hoping Brazil winning the world cup again. Here are the interview conducted

Greetings Eduardo hope you are well ?

Hello Yes I am well thank you for this opportunity i give my honor for you .

How long have you been fighting ?

I start martial arths training in 1985 in Judo, i make 2 years, take the yellow belt and stop to start Karate Shotokan, i love Karate. I train Karate at take my black belt in 2000, after in 1992 i start my train in Muay Thai and train Muay Thai all my live…. my trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, i start in 2001 and today im brown belt.

Do you prefer MMA or KickBoxing ?

I love Muay Thai Kick boxing and MMA but MMA pay my more

MMA is future of sports!

What is your favorite food ?

oh my god… i love Brazilian food, Thai food, chinese food…

But the best food is Brazilian barbecue !

What is your Dream ?

My dream is make many world titles in Muay Thai and fight in UFC !

Where do you train now ?

I train in Brazil now with my fighters (students) me and family currently thinking of moving to USA soon

Do you think you will fight in UFC or K-1 anytime Soon ?

Before i fight in K-1 Brazil 2003, i am champion in K-1 Brazil GP 2004 and fight in K-1 USA in 2003 Mirage Casino Las Vegas. In 2006 at Sao Paolo i fought with CIGANO Junior Dos Santos (UFC Superstar & next heavy weight champion in UFC) , and i’m prepair to fight today in UFC ! its my dream today!

Who is your favorite hollywood actor and why ?

i like of Jackie Chan, he make a real combat in many movies…just like real!! He’s the best!

Who do you think will win the World Cup 2010 ?

Of course. Brazil 6 time world Champion!!! (kkkkkk).

When is your next dream ?

When i enter and win my first fight in UFC !

Do you have any advice for young kids ?

Boys must Never Run behind the dream and your dreams. Never Say I Do not Even you or deiche anyone can, can not … With God and His Struggle everything YOU can!

Thank you again to Eduardo for this exclusive interview and we all at wish him all the best throutout his career and hope that he will gain entre to the UFC sooner or later .

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